Sports Massage at Oakwood Clinic in Enfield, Southgate

At Oakwood Physiotherapy Clinic we provide a range of massage treatments from qualified therapists to meet individual needs.

Our highly qualified massage therapists at Oakwood Clinic provide quality massage services to help relieve muscle soreness and stress. We offer professional, deep sports massage focussed on improving muscle stiffness, as well as relaxing massage treatments for those who just want a pampering treatment to de-stress.

We have both male and female qualified massage therapists, all of whom have exceptionally high-level training.

Oakwood Clinic massage therapist treating a patient’s back

Our massage therapists can effectively treat:

  • Sore or stiff muscles
  • Aching neck and shoulders
  • Back ache
  • Stress, fatigue or irritability
  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • Tension and low mood
  • Flagging immune system
  • Lethargy

Types of Massage We Offer:

Sports massage

A deep, invigorating massage focussed on getting your muscles back to peak condition. This treatment is perfect for people who enjoy sport – whether this is running, golf, tennis or cycling.

Sports massage is also ideal for aches and pains from other activities such as gardening, walking or simply straining your neck and back muscles working over a desk and at the computer.

Key benefits you should feel from sports massage include:

  • Enhanced circulation in muscles, speeding up recovery and reducing post-activity stiffness and soreness.
  • Improvement in the flexibility and ability to stretch muscles, helping reduce your chances of injury. We use Soft Tissue Release techniques for this purpose, with immediate improvement in muscle flexibility often noticed.
  • Effective joint pain relief. Sports massage treatment of the muscles around joints such as the knee or shoulder assists these muscles to work optimally. Strong healthy muscles can reduce the pressure and the forces through the joints, resulting in less pain. Even arthritic pains can often be helped in this way by massage.

Sports massage has many of the same benefits and uses as deep tissue massage, incorporating many of the same techniques.

Remedial massage

Remedial massage for shoulder pain

This treatment is beneficial when there is a history of injury or a persistent muscle soreness.

Our sports massage therapists who provide these remedial massage services are also trained in physiotherapy or osteopathy, and have gained wide-ranging skills they apply to help you recover. they may recommend alternating sessions of massage with either physio or osteopathy.

Common problems that we treat with remedial massage are:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Recurrent calf, hamstring or quads muscle strains
  • Headaches and tension in the neck and shoulders

Relaxation massage

Relaxing massage performed by our trained local massage therapists

Perhaps the ultimate de-stressing treatment, a relaxation massage is calming and restorative and an ideal way to help relieve tight muscles and tension. This is because our bodies respond to stress by tensing our muscles – we biologically prepare to “fight or flight”. Massage helps the body to let go of this muscle tension and to relieve aches and pains.

In addition, reducing muscle tension helps relax the mind, and many people sleep better and report feeling calmer and uplifted in mood after having relaxation massage treatments.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy oils are available at oakwood clinic for massage treatments

We can combine any of our massage treatments with aromatherapy massage oils on request.

We offer the following blends of quality aromatherapy oils which may be used during your massage treatment:

  • Muscle and joint oil: Naturally warming Black Pepper, restorative Camphor, reviving Eucalyptus and circulation-boosting Rosemary essential oil mix
  • Relaxation oil: Aromatic and relaxing Lavender, soothing Chamomile, uplifting Lemon Verbena and calming Melissa essential oil mix

Aromatherapy oils are natural products which have therapeutic qualities as well as having a wonderful scent.

Pregnancy massage

Neck and shoulder tension treated with expert massage

This is a wonderful, supportive treatment to have during pregnancy. As the body changes shape during pregnancy your back muscles work a little harder and massage can help your muscles cope. Massage also boosts your circulation which can be helpful in controlling swelling of the feet and ankles. Many people going through pregnancy also find massage beneficial for relaxation and improved sleep quality.

Local Areas We Service

We are based locally in Oakwood, North London, a short journey from Southgate, Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill, Barnet, Hadley Wood. We are based in N14 and are local to N13, N21, EN1, N11, N22 and more.

We are available to treat anyone who can reach us, though the following are local areas that many of our local massage therapists treat people from:

  • Southgate N14
  • Winchmore Hill N21
  • Palmers Green N13
  • Enfield EN1, EN2, EN3 and EN4
  • Barnet and East Barnet EN4 and EN5
  • Hadley Wood N11
  • North Finchley N12
  • New Southgate
  • Friern Barnet
  • Cockfosters
  • Bounds Green
  • Arnos Grove

Our postcode is N14 4AP and we are easily reachable by car – with dedicated parking spaces for patients – or by the 121 or 307 bus that stops just a few minutes’ walk away at Oakwood Station or the 299 which stops one-minute walk away from the clinic.

The clinic is only 7-8 mins walk from Oakwood tube station, so those travelling from Arnos Grove, Cockfosters, Bounds Green, Wood Green or Southgate Station can reach us easily. We have free on-site parking as well as disabled access.

To arrange an appointment or to speak to a therapist, call us on 020 8440 3629 or email

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"I've been a patient at your clinic for some years now and would just like to say how courteous and professional all of your staff are. I've always been completely satisfied with the treatments I've received."

Mrs E.

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