Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies at our North London Clinic


Diagram showing acupuncture points on a clients face.

Acupuncture is a form of treatment that dates back two thousand years and is recognised as being of benefit for many common problems such as arthritis, rheumatism and other joint pains, headaches and migraines.

Very fine needles, which are not painful when placed in the skin, are used to stimulate the body, encourage healing and soothe pain.

At the Oakwood Physiotherapy Clinic we only use new, pre-sterilised, disposable needles to avoid any risk of cross-infection.Research shows that around 70% of people gain noticeable benefit when treated with acupuncture for painful conditions.

For more information on our acupuncture services, click here


Foot treatment in progress.

Foot reflex therapy, or reflexology, is an age-old remedy for all sorts of ailments. Usually the feet are the main site for treatment using a very specialised form of massage.

The therapist often identifies tender areas of the foot, as these are believed to be related to specific areas of the body.

By gently massaging the feet, reflexologists believe it may be possible to enhance the body's functioning and sometimes even soothe pain. Reflexology can also be good as a "de-stressing" treatment that may help relaxation and sleep.


Homoeopathy is a gentle and safe therapy when practised by a qualified professional. More and more people are using homoeopathy in conjunction with conventional treatments to help treat various illnesses such as irritable bowel problems, eczema and hormonal problems.

Homoeopathy is thought to stimulate the body's system and assist the body's own healing potential. The medicines used are called remedies and they are prepared from plant and mineral substances. The remedies are diluted many times before being taken by a patient.

Initial consultations with our homoeopath last at least one hour as the homoeopath takes an in-depth approach to each individual. This is important for the right remedy to be selected.

Local Areas We Service

We are based locally in Oakwood, North London, a short journey from Southgate, Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill, Barnet, Hadley Wood. We are based in N14 and are local to N13, N21, EN1, N11, N22 and more.

We are available to treat anyone who can reach us, though the following are local areas that many of our local therapists treat people from:

  • Southgate N14
  • Winchmore Hill N21
  • Palmers Green N13
  • Enfield EN1, EN2, EN3 and EN4
  • Barnet and East Barnet EN4 and EN5
  • Hadley Wood N11
  • North Finchley N12
  • New Southgate
  • Friern Barnet
  • Cockfosters
  • Bounds Green
  • Arnos Grove

Our postcode is N14 4AP and we are easily reachable by car – with dedicated parking spaces for patients – or by the 121 or 307 bus that stops just a few minutes’ walk away at Oakwood Station or the 299 which stops one-minute walk away from the clinic.

The clinic is only 7-8 mins walk from Oakwood tube station, so those travelling from Arnos Grove, Cockfosters, Bounds Green, Wood Green or Southgate Station can reach us easily. We have free on-site parking as well as disabled access.

To arrange an appointment or to speak to a therapist, call us on 020 8440 3629 or email

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