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Occupational Health

Occupational Health and Therapy Services for Organisations

Organisations taking a business-like approach to evaluating in-house occupational health and therapy services have demonstrated a significant return on their investment, and usually within one year of implementing a programme.

Reasons for good practice in occupational health and therapy go beyond legal and regulatory requirements to include a strong business case.

Organisations providing staff with in-house services to treat back problems and other musculo-skeletal disorders have experienced performance improvements including:
  • Reductions in staff absenteeism and related opportunity costs
  • Reductions in time away from the workplace for treatments
  • Faster returns to work for sick staff
  • Reductions in the number of staff with chronic back problems
  • Improved staff morale and retention
Through our understanding of relevant legislation and our professional management of occupational health issues we can work with minimum disruption to support managers and add value to employee relations.

Services provided by the Oakwood Physiotherapy Clinic in North London include workstation risk assessments, training to reduce the risk of inappropriate work practices, and therapies to minimise staff absence resulting from common illnesses.

To learn how the Oakwood Physiotherapy Clinic can help your organisation improve its performance, please contact Caroline Kunzler, Clinical Director on 020 8440 3629, or info@oakwoodphysio.co.uk

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